What your organization gets

  • Exclusive Presentations/Workshops

    Two presentations or workshops (or a combination of the two) with Dr. Volpitta. Her presentations and workshops have generated rave reviews from thousands.

  • Book Club Invites

    Four times per year, Dr. Volpitta selects a book for members to read, then we run an interactive live-stream to discuss the book and pull out lessons and learnings. (Topics include: parenting, mental health, resilience, self-care, and education)

  • Parent Courses

    Access to our parenting courses (see below). We're also adding more courses throughout the year to grow with your community.

  • Member Discounts

    Your members will also receive 25-75% off all of the other products we offer when your organization joins. Children's books, ebooks, and digital downloads.

  • Educator Discounts

    If your organization includes teachers or works directly with a school, your membership gets all educators and staff 75% off our highly rated educator courses.

  • Priority Access

    As we expand our network of educators and course instructors, your organization will get priority access for booking talks, seminars, and limited access courses.

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